A big experience

The tennis player Carla Suárez has lived in holidays a big experience at Uganda, where she has been during a week to carry out cooperation tasks with the ONG, "Wind Cities" and "Tennis for All".

Carla has shared the trip with a video in the RRSS, where she explained that "it has been a beautiful experience, much more intense than I could have imagined, since seeing the situations that the world has given them, feeling closely the reality that surrounds them, makes you rethink many things about life".

The sport has something special, and Carla has wanted to add to the cause through tennis, something that she has given everything. "Any small detail can make a big difference. Our idea is to continue guaranteeing that they can count on tennis as a playful alternative. An interesting part of the project is based on building land suitable for playing tennis", said the Canarian tennis player.

This has been one of the most complicated years for Carla Suárez at the sports level, moments like that give you a smile, make you value everything you have achieved and encourage you to continue fighting for your goals. Because as the Spanish tennis player says, "we must be even more aware of how lucky we are, because we are privileged in every detail".