A dream come true

Brahim Diaz played his first game in the Premier League yesterday, something he had been yearning for every day since December, 2013 when he decided to travel to Manchester with his family.

The young 18-year-old player and native of Malaga, played his first minutes with the first team last year in the Cup against Swansea. This season he also defended City's jersey in the Champions League and already now, has played in the Premier League, achieving one of the goals he had been pursuing for a long time.

He arrived in England at the ripe age of 13, but was unable to play an official match until reaching 16 due to a FIFA sanction. His skill on the ball, maturity, and unquestionable hard-work have helped him to overcome all these stages. However, Brahim sights are set even higher and his current wish is to assist the ‘Citizen’ team as much as possible to win titles. He has everything it takes to become one of the key players in Pep’s team. A veritable first-rate player.