Girona's elit

Girona FC already have their Advisory Council. A high level council, headed by Girona's president Delfi Geli and composed of nine people whose goal will be to strengthen synergies with club members, the fans, the city and the province.

The new Advisory Council is made up of Joaquim Nadal, former Mayor of Girona and Conseller de la Generalitat; Jordi Bosch, journalist and president of Endemol Spain; Jaume Roures, founder of Mediapro; Joan Roca, chef and owner of the 'El Celler de Can Roca' restaurant; Pepita Perich, managing director of the Fundació Ramon Noguera; Josep Maria Fonalleras, journalist and writer; Jordi Triola, president of Fundació Girona FC; Albert Serra, engineer and former Girona FC player; and Lluís Serras, economist and president of the Penya Pablo Machín.

The Advisory Council members met for first time on the morning of October 29th at PGA facilities in Caldes de Melavella. And afterwards the Council enjoyed the club's historic win over Real Madrid (2-1).