L'Illa Open Triath Game, a real success

The grand final of the Open Triath Game was held at L'illa Shopping Center on Saturday October 27th. It was a unique event to date in the sector of electronic sports with tournaments, great prizes for the winners and many surprises. This innovative/pioneering experience has brought together at L'illa Shopping Center professional players, influencers and fans to participate in Fortnite, LoL and FIFA19 competitions.

The participants were able to enjoy the three games during the month of October -which fit this Triathlon Gaming- and also to take part in the great finals that were played every weekend.

The event included players such acclaimed as @xexuatm96, @Ralfitita o @FokytaTwitch; team members of ASUS Fortnite @_DjiiN_, @Especial_TW or @Threebet; FIFA professional players like @DavidSP1490, one of the best in the world, @Ferperryy or @Kensuque; as well as @IamCarbono , @xixauxas1 or @MinidukeLoL of League of Legends.

And also with the collaboration of Asus ROG, Newskill and Razor as partner brands, besides a luxury host, L'illa Shopping Center. Media Base Sports was actively involved in the organization, communication and difussion of the event.