Pep, image of Champion Eleven

Pep Guardiola has reached an agreement with Champion Eleven, a very popular soccer videogame in China, to become the brand image.

The coach of Manchester City, considered the best in the world, was in Frankfurt last Sunday for a photoshoot and also filmed an advertisement to be released in the coming days.

Media Base Sports was responsible for negotiating and closing the contract with Champion Eleven, coordinating and producing the video session and photos with Pep Guardiola and for promoting the game from this point forward.

Pep also gave an interview to Champion Eleven in which he unconditionally defended the style of attacking football, advised children who want to be professionals to only think about "playing, playing and playing and especially having fun" and commented that to become a great coach, the goal of the Champion Eleven players, "you have to work very hard and be strong mentally".