The dream begins

Family football will focuse in the next weeks in South American, more accurately to Brazil, and will not do so because it plays the Brazilian National Team, but also becaure there will taje place one of the most important youth sport competition on the planet: U17 World Cup.

This tournament is played by the best youth players in the world, the stars of the future. One of the main candidates to reach the trophy is the current runner-ups, the Spanish National Team, with the presence of three Media Base Sports players: Álvaro Carrillo, Óscar Aranda and Pablo Moreno.

David Gordo’s team will debut on October 28 against Argentina (9:00 pm), will return to the scene on October 31 against Tajikistan (9:00 pm) and will close the Group Phase against Cameroon (9:00 pm) on November 3. The national youth team looks forward to this event and with very high expectations about its performance in this World Cup. Good luck guys!