William's solidarity gesture

William Carvalho, one of the ambassadors of the “Associação Corações Com Coroa”, has doubled his efforts with this association these days, after the consequences of CoVid-19.

Since the Alarm State was established in Portugal on March 13, the association had to close its doors due to the regulations imposed by the Government due to its dedication which is generating and distributing food among the neediest. Despite this, the work team has searched a solution to this problem and has decided to continue producing these types of needs and distribute them among all those centers in Lisbon that are fighting againts the CoVid-19.

The Real Betis player will be responsible for all the salaries of the staff who work in this association for the next three months and together with multinational companies such as BP gas stations and Coca-Cola will supply food to the large number of health personal and protection to cover all the needs in this period of confinement.

This is another solidarity gesture by William Carvalho who has always had his eyes set on those people who can not to enjoy all the pleasures that life offers and who suffer for subsisting in this world.