Alberto Domínguez Villalba


I was born in Malaga on September 10, 1993. Raised in a soccer family, my first gift at birth being a foam soccer ball, hence my passion for this sport.

I combined my academic career with playing football, getting the chance to play with several Malaga-based football academies, including Malaka and Mortadelo. In my last year as a player, I embarked on a new adventure as a junior-level football coach, moving on from my time as a football player and training to become a coach. Having first had the opportunity to train at several football academies, I then went on to train at the Malaga CF academy for two seasons.

During my time at Malaga CF, I was given the opportunity to start out on a new path in another area of the world of football through Media Base Sports, where I engaged in the recruitment of new players in Andalusia and management and support of the company’s football players and young talents.

Paddle and travel are my other passions, which I enjoy whenever I get a chance to disconnect from football.