Bruno Miguel Duarte Lopes de Freitas


I was born in Lisbon on January 17, 1979 and it was in the streets of this city where my passion for soccer began. After several years playing in local clubs, I went on to university with my sights firmly set on becoming a coach. After completing the coach training course, I currently hold the UEFA A + Elite Youth Course.

I started out as a trainer at Casa Pia AC, then I went on to AD Oeiras, for Sporting CP and for SL Benfica. In addition to being a coach at Sporting CP and SL Benfica, I also worked in the recruitment and prospecting departments respectively, seeking out the best new players. I also collaborated in the international area, in the field of training and sports projects.

I joined the Media Base Sports team with the objective to contribute to the company’s excellent name and the empowerment of the work it carries out, especially in Portugal.