Donghoon Lee


In the summer of 1992, I was born in a city very similar to Barcelona, ​​with a beach, mountains and especially football, even though the city was on the opposite side of the globe, Busan, South Korea. I was only to discover that Spain would be my second home when I was 11. Nonetheless, I was in doubt at all after experiencing the 2002 World Cup in Korea-Japan, that my passion in life was football.

In 2004, I had the opportunity to move to Granada and at 12, I tried my luck as a footballer but alas, God had not bestowed that gift upon me. Then, in 2011 when I finished my studies in Madrid and my youth stage at Vallecas, I returned to Korea to start afresh.

However, football stayed with me and thanks to my ability to master three languages, I was afforded the opportunity to work as an interpreter and assistant, as part of Media Base Sports, for Seungwoo Lee, who after signing for FC Barcelona, is currently playing for Hellas Verona, Serie A.

This season, apart from continuing to support Lee from Barcelona, ​​I personally began a new stage in the Football Division as the person responsible for managing and organizing in-house operations, as well as contributing my know-how in the world of international football.