Jordi Gamundi Ballbé


I come from the generation that had to adapt fast to the transformation from analogue to digital, a generation that grew up with the Internet, Google, social networks, mobile phones, e-commerce, virtual reality, etc., and which has directly witnessed and experienced the evolution to a world that is increasingly global, more interconnected and technological. This is probably the reason why I like and have an interest in both the traditional and the most modern and futuristic. This digital transformation means that in order to introduce myself and for anyone to get to know more about me, all you need to do is type my name into your browser and you’ll be redirected to my regularly updated personal blog.

I am a business economist and hold a Master’s in International Marketing. I consider myself a multifaceted knowmad who is passionate about new challenges, believes in the values of effort, commitment, self-demanding, differential values, personal branding, teamwork and a constructive and collaborative attitude towards everything I’m involved in. The world of the multi-sector enterprise, marketing, trade facilitation, innovation and sports have been ever-present in my personal, academic and professional trajectory. I have worked in several kinds of family businesses as well as in a multinational environment. Each experience has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. I am one of those who think that, as a well-known Barcelona-born singer says, "time is never lost" and that everything is a learning experience as long as one observes, reflects and truly wants it to be.

In terms of sport, whether individual or team, I have always loved to participate at an amateur level and actively put myself to the test, including watching and/or listening to competitions, tournaments and matches. I value the connection and interrelation between the business world and that of sport; its cross-sectoral nature, values and  growing popularity. I am delighted to have this opportunity to form part of the MBS family, share their global DNA and assist in ensuring their ongoing positive development.