Rene de Jesus Salazar Lovera


My adventure in soccer started at 9 years old. Being my passion and my way of life, at 16 I started playing soccer professionally in the First Division in my country, Venezuela, and since then I haven’t stopped. I played in the most prestigious teams, including Estudiantes de Mérida, where I won major titles. In addition, I participated in all the categories of the Venezuelan national team and played in the Copa Libertadores, the most important club tournament in America.

Parallel to this, I began my law studies at the prestigious Universidad de los Andes, obtaining the title of Lawyer in 2009, thereby achieving another important milestone in my life and continuing with my overall development.

In 2012, and after 17 years in the First Division, it was time to hang up my boots and dedicate myself to preparing to become a coach. As Technical Director, I managed youth football and Third Division teams and I was Assistant Coach in First Division teams.

Now I have been presented with a new challenge in my career: to belong to this prestigious company, Media Base Sports, to bring my vast experience in football and all my expertise to bear on helping our players embark on successful careers and to assist them in achieving their dreams and experiencing the great joy that this ‘beautiful game’ can provide.