Rubén Gómez Martín


24/7 sports. Specially football. My entire life since I was born in Badalona the 17th of January 1994 could be sum up like that. You can easily find myself near a football pitch. Although it’s impossible to be in everyone, I try to know what had happened in each one. This is why I studied journalism, I really enjoy telling and writing about all those little stories, currently on Gol Television and Radio Marca

And it allows travelling, as well. I think that both can be done being a journalist. Fortunately in my job, football and sport are really present. So I am not one of those who can enjoy a little relaxing time away from job.

I described myself as a hard-working guy who is always ready to learn new things. I would like to know everything but I know that’s impossible. That’s why I always have my eyes opened, and try to get everything that makes me a better me, personally and professionally.