Xavier Giménez Ferrer


My name is Xavi Giménez Ferrer, born in Barcelona on May 13, 1980 and I have spent my entire life not far from a football. Most of the time as a player and then since 2013 at Media Base Sports, which has been my first contact with the world of football player agency and sports marketing.

In my time as a player, I reached the Second Division B category and I was lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful game in clubs that have left their mark on me, such as Europa, Gavà, Cornellà, Montañesa and Algeciras.

After hanging up my boots formally, (I still try to get a game in with my mates whenever I can), I joined the Football Division at Media Base Sports and handled the Barcelona and Valencia area during my first years at the company. Last season, 2016/2017, I was in charge of the Andalusia region but I'm back home.