The 2021 MBS Camp, in Rialp

Rialp, a unique Pyrenean place in Lleida, with a perfect weather to host concentrations of football teams and first-class facilities, will be the setting for the 2021 MBS Summer Camp for the first time in its history, from June 27 to July 10.

The 3-star Hotel Condes del Pallars, with extensive experience in organizing extracurricular activities and sports campus, has two perfectly maintained natural grass soccer fields, one pitch is for Soccer 11 and another one for Soccer 7; as well as two courts of Soccer 5. There is also an indoor sports arena to practice basketball, handball and volleyball; two swimming pools, one outdoors and the other inside the hotel; and a gym. There is also a conference room where sessions and talks will take place and another room for our physiotherapist.

Registrations will be open next March 1st.